If you have strong technical knowledge and are passionate about creating technical tutorial videos then this role is for you. Researchers are the creative force behind the making of our tutorial videos and they work with technicians such as Writers, Editors, and Designers to provide the best learning experience to our audience. They are in charge of the content that goes on our videos. As a researcher you must have strong and sound technical knowledge. You need to do thorough research on the tutorial assigned to you and come up with the best solution  that can be used for the tutorial to teach the audience. The researcher is responsible for making sure no technical issues arise in the method finalised for the video and needs to assist and guide writers and visual designers till the video is published.
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  • Write, design and create tutorial videos that meet our audience needs.

  • Communicate with the crew about technical requirements (e.g Writers and Editors)

  • Guide the production team ensuring all members are in sync with the requirements and incorporate creative ideas to provide the best learning experience to our audience via our tutorial videos.

  • Ensure that the final video is faithful to the audience's needs.

Must Haves

  • Demonstrable portfolio of full-length tutorials videos
  • Solid knowledge of digital technology
  • In-depth understanding of the video-making process
  • Strong knowledge on wordpress and related website development platforms
  • Technical stack includes Wordpress,Bubble,Adalo,HTML,Nocode or any other similar tools.

Good to Have

  • Creativity and imagination
  • Excellent organizational and planning skills
  • Passion to teach technology
  • Good people skills and Time management

Application Process

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