Making Website Using DIVI

Part 1: Launch Your Website

Step 1

Choose your website name
Step 1

Step 2

Once you find your site’s name, the next step is to get hosting & domain. The domain is the name of your site ( and hosting puts your website on the internet.

Get Hosting & Domain

Step 3

Install WordPress

WordPress is the platform, we’re going to use, to build our divi website.
It lets you build your site easily, without any coding or programming.

Part 2

Setup Divi Theme in WordPress
Login to Your WordPress site

1. Login to Your WordPress site

To setup Divi theme in WordPress, you need to first login to your website (so that you can control your site)

Get the Divi Theme

2. Get the Divi Theme

In order to get the Divi theme, we’re going to Divi website, and then purchase it from there. So to get the Divi theme, just click the link below:

Get the Divi Theme

Download the Divi Theme

3. Download the Divi Theme

Once you have purchased the Divi theme, you can download it.

Install the Divi Theme

4. Install the Divi Theme

Once you have downloaded the Divi theme, you need to install it on your WordPress site

Activate the Divi Theme

5. Activate the Divi Theme

After installing the theme, you have to activate the theme in order to use all of it’s features.