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At WL we aim to create truly effective solutions for our customers and our internal teams. We believe the only way to maintain and scale our standards is to focus on quality code. If you are a talented developer and you would like to work with an ownership-embracing, highly skilled team in a relaxed environment where culture is as important as technical excellence, WL might just be the place for you.
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As part of our Development Team, you will be working with some of the most exciting JavaScript tools on the market to build our client-facing and internal tools. Stack: React, Node, GraphQL, SQL, Express, Webpack, Babel, TypeScript, Jest, Storybook, Git, Docker
  • Develop the Android, iOS app, and web app using React Native framework.
  • Developing and maintaining all server-side network components.
  • Ensuring optimal performance of the central database and responsiveness to front-end requests.
  • Collaborating with front-end developers on the integration of elements.
  • Designing customer-facing UI and back-end services for various business processes.
  • Developing high-performance applications by writing testable, reusable, and efficient code.
  • Implementing effective security protocols, data protection measures, and storage solutions.
  • Running diagnostic tests, repairing defects, and providing technical support.
  • Documenting Node.js processes, including database schemas, as well as preparing reports.
  • Recommending and implementing improvements to processes and technologies.
  • Keeping informed of advancements in the field of Node.js development.

Must Haves

  • Minimum 5 years of working experience with Javascript including backend and frontend
  • Experience with backend-focused JS (eg: Node, Express)
  • Experience with modern JS frontend frameworks (eg: React, Vue, Angular)
  • Experience with modern JS tools (Babel, current ECMAScript standards)
  • Experience with static type languages or typing tools for JS (Typescript, Flow, Elm)
  • Experience with databases (SQL, or NoSQL)
  • Experience with git and team collaboration with git
  • Experience with JS testing frameworks (Jest, Mocha)
  • Experience with frontend building tools (Webpack, Gulp, Grunt)

Good to Have

  • In-depth knowledge about the elements within our stack are not required but are an advantage.
  • Experience with web hosting, server infrastructure or server management is also a bonus.

Application Process

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