How to Install WordPress Locally on your PC

Have you ever wanted to learn & build WordPress site without buying domain name and hosting?

Installing wordpress locally will help you to do that by setting up your wordpress site for free of cost.

There are also other reasons as to why you would want to install your wordpress locally.

Since, local wordpress site can’t be viewed by the people from internet. Building wordpress site locally, will give you the perfect testing ground for website development.

The most used cases where people build their wordprpaess sites locally are if.

    • You want to make some risky changes to your live site, you can do that on your local wordpress site before changing it in live site.
  • You want to test some themes or plugins before installing on your live website.

Once, you build a wordpress site locally, you can then move it to a live website and we will learn that in the later part of the article.

So Let’s get started !

At first, you have to download a software called Bitnami wordpress, which is going to allow us to run wordpress locally on our computer.

Now let’s get this done by following these steps:

Step 1: Visit bitnami wordpress page : 

 where you can download the ‘bitnami’ software,.

Now just scroll down in the same page.

Step 2 : Click ‘Download’ for your OS.

In my case ‘Windows’.

Next, you will get a pop-up message from bitnami .

Step 3 : Click ‘No Thanks’ and start your download.

After downloading the Bitnami software on your PC.

Step 4 : Install Bitnami software on your computer.

When your installation begins, you will get pop-up message from bitnami for choosing a installation Language.

Choose the language you prefer and click ‘ok’

Now, After choosing your installation language, you would see a setup window to start your installation.


Step 5 : Click “next” until you reach the window for creating an account for local wordpress website.

Step 6 : Fill-up login details for local wordpress site & remember it for future access.

Step 7: Click ‘finish’ and complete the installation.

Now, After installing wordpress on your PC, ‘Access WordPress’ to reach your local wordpress website.

Now, make sure that wordpress site is running on your pc using locally.

Also, you can access your local wordpress site anytime by going to localhost/wordpress in your browser.

Now, if you want to reach local wordpress dashboard, go to localhost/wordpress/login in your browser.

And, you will reach this page.

Now enter those login details, which we created while installing the Bitnami wordpress.

After logged in you will able to reach local wordpress site dashboard, where you can build your own local website.

This is how you can install wordpress locally and build your own wordpress website.

Also, Learn how to move your website from local server to live website.

By watching this video,

I hope this article was useful to you.

Please leave a comment to let us know if it worked for you.

Thanks for reading till the end.

Pandi Kumar
I'm a young passionate blogger and interested in teaching wordpress.
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    Hi man and thank you for this beautiful tutorial. I would like to install WordPress locally on my machine, but the problem is whether I could create a local E-Commerce site using WOO COMMERCE.

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